St. Ingvar's Center for Norwegian Healing Mysteries

Matthew Bey: Teacher, Philosopher, Healer, Norwegian--American
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Laerer Matthew Bey has brought ancient Norwegian teachings to America, to people just like you!


While studying alternative medicines as they are practiced in the United States, Laerer Bey was struck by their general punyness. Most alternative medicines seem to deliberately limit their own effectiveness! They do things like dilute active pharmacueticals until they are no longer present in the "healing" drought at all, or they reduce the contact between "healer" and patient to the merest prick of a pin. At the worst, these charlatans offer little more than wishful thinking.

His despair over the state of medicine was only alleviated by his discovery of Norwegian healing traditions, techniques lost for a thousand years, or largely ignored by both conventional and alternative communities.

Laerer Bey, like most Norwegians, has a relaxed attitude toward nudity

Alternative medicine needed decisive, concrete results, and Norwegian healing mysteries actually utilized concrete! Laerer Bey quickly became renowned for his ferocious wellness strategems. He was once heard to say, "I'll cure this man even if I have to kill him."

His vision and courage in the face of impossible odds led him to found the St. Ingvar Center for Norwegian Healing Mysteries, where a new generation of healers are trained and prepared for the challenges of the future.

In the words of Laerer Bey, "Without risk, life is safe."

Additional information on our founder and his philosphy can be found at his personal website,

For the Holistic Scandinavian in Everyone