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The Healthy Norwegian Diet
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Everybody knows that you are what you eat. So why would you eat curdled bean goop? Seriously. Use your heads, people.

You've probably noticed that the more someone limits their diet for health reasons, the more sickly they are. No duh. Go into any macro-biotic vegan restaurant in America, and you will see a gaggle of pallid, sickly people; people that don't have the strength to keep their wrists rigid. These sluggish stick-people have the strength of wheat chaff because that's all they eat.

Take a hint from the Norwegians. Eat something that can impart aspirational virtues on you. Put more lutefisk in your diet. Lutefisk is made from cod, the most courageous and beautiful fish in the world.

Cod: Beautiful and delicious

For serious health problems the Total Lutefisk Diet is recommended. Sometimes you need a diet that brooks no half-measures.

Warning: Uncooked lutefisk is poisonous

Don't look at this!

For the Holistic Scandinavian in Everyone